He released his recycling bag and also his "inner child", a street dweller had fun playing goloss

He released his recycling bag and also his “inner child”, a street dweller had fun playing goloss

Street dweller playing goloss.

The video is a sensation in social networks.

Colombia News.

A street dweller is viral on social networks as a result of a spontaneous reaction when he was walking down a road, apparently from Bucaramanga, with a recycling bag on his shoulders.

The man passed by a place where a game of “Golosa” or “Pilgrim” was painted on the road with white chalk, apparently a drawing made by children who live in the sector.

Street dweller who dropped his sack to play “greedy”.

Immediately afterwards, he bends down and picks up a small stone from the ground which, without thinking twice, he throws on one of the squares and begins to play as if he were a child.

The man decided to remember his childhood.

The man jumps the squares one by one without touching the “5”, the point where the stone fell.

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He then returns as per the game rules, picks up the stone again and returns to «Stop».

Playing the “Goloss”.

This video that has moved users of social networks was recorded by the surveillance camera of the sector that is still unknown but that many identify as that of a street in Bucaramanga.

Here are the images that are viral on social networks:

The game

The “Pilgrim” or “Golosa” consists of drawing a kind of tower on the pavement with boxes ranging from 1 to 10.

Then a small stone is chosen to throw it at each of the boxes, without touching the lines that divide each one.

These throws are made in an ascending manner.

When starting and throwing it to #1, you must jump landing on a single foot in each of the boxes, except the number in which the small rock fell.

He released his recycling bag and also his "inner child", a street dweller had fun playing goloss
Greedy game. Photo: conmishijos.com

“Four” and “5” go side by side, just like “7” and “8” and must be stepped on with both feet. The rest of the numbers are located alone in boxes.

This is a fun game that has no cost (you only need a piece of chalk and you win) and is very traditional in all the cities of Colombia.

Over time, these types of street games have been lost in the new generations due to multiple factors. Some, related to the entry of technology, the high traffic of vehicles on the streets and the insecurity that is experienced daily in different cities of the country.

However, some children still enjoy this type of recreation in schools, parks and educational sites in shopping malls.

Cover Photo: Video Capture

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