He knows more than the MasterChef juries: Isabella argued with Jorge Rausch

He knows more than the MasterChef juries: Isabella argued with Jorge Rausch

A new and exciting chapter was lived in Masterchef Celebrity, where the famous played the black apron, which leaves them one step closer to elimination.

Tatán Mejía, for being the winner of the previous challenge, had to assign the times of each of his companions, to cook a dish based on tuna.

The former athlete assigned times ranging from 20 minutes to 40 and they also had different times to market. However, none of the contestants counted on the fact that if they exceeded the allotted time in the pantry, they would be locked up.

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Aida Morales, Aida Bossa, Manuela González and Cristina Campuzano had 30 minutes. For their part, Natalia Ramírez, Ramiro Meneses and Carlos Báez had 20 minutes and, finally, Estiwar G, Aco Pérez and Chicho had 40.

some famous They were strict on the times in the pantry and managed to get out before the doors closed, however, others were not so lucky. The celebrities who were locked up, they were going to discount a minute for each ingredient they took out, which would leave them even more adjusted to present the dish.

Chicho was the first to go with a tuna pizza that was highly rated. Aída Morales presented a Ravioli that she did not like and Ramiro an omelette that the jurors liked.

Then it was Aco’s turn, who showed some pickled tomatoes, which they did not like. The chefs asked him to get his act together, so that he won’t be left behind by his peers.

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Cristina and Aida Bossa have some croquettes, which they liked, while Estiwar G did not do well with their preparation. The jurors assured that her cooking was raw and that she tasted like onions.

The last to pass were Carlos and Natalia, who were average, while Isabella was not well qualified. The actress was upset throughout the competition because of the little time she had. At the moment of going to the jury lectern, she had a bad moment with Jorge Rausch who made a joke.

The chef asked her why she had prepared her dish in paprika and she replied: “How was I to know?” The tension rose when Rausch assured her that she knew everything.

Only three celebrities were saved from the black apron. It was about Chicho, Ramiro and Manuela, the others were one step closer to elimination.

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