"He is by far the best player": Klopp's assistant showers Luis Diaz with praise

"He is by far the best player": Klopp’s assistant showers Luis Diaz with praise

Colombian soccer player Luis Fernando Diaz successfully kicked off the 2022/2023 international football season with Liverpool by winning the Community Shield after winning 3-1 to Manchester City in a match that was played in the King Power Stadium in Liecester.

Díaz played 85 minutes and as he has been constant, he was unbalanced down the left wing, where he teamed up with his teammates.

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This Monday, August 1, after achieving the title, Liverpool released a report published by Pepijn Lijnderstechnical assistant Jurgen Kloppin which he details the follow-up he did to Luis Díaz to make the decision to finalize his signing.

In the document Lijnders explains the virtues he found in the Colombian, taking into account his game characteristics.

“As he sets up the pressure, he reads where the next pass is going to intercept, he runs with everything he’s got right now. He smells these intercepting chances close to the opposite goal. He never stops. He wants to defend forward. I love that…” .

Jurgen Klopp’s technical assistant highlighted the peasant’s reading of the game while describing the aspects that could be improved if, at that time, his signing for Liverpool was made

“He can move more often without the ball behind when the ball is free. The moments he does are in good weather but they can be with more surprise. Great touch and ball control. Inside the box ability to create shots. Can dribble, runs easy, gets play/slides left and right past defenders. In a small space at full speed try to find the best option to pass. I love that. Always overview. I love that. Always in relation to the score. I love that. One-on-one to shoot from afar, which is good for our game…”

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Finally, Pepijn Lijnders valued what was found in Luis Díaz by stating that “by far” he was the player that Liverpool needed to reinforce their attacking front.

“The counter pressure drive will easily improve within our style and training. It will get more intense with this. More aggressive with this. By FAR the best player. I HAVE NO DOUBT…”.

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