He fell alone: ​​due to a spelling error, a man exposed his infidelity

Various social media circulate infidelity videos and cause all kinds of reactions in Internet users.

The case of a woman who recorded the moment when her partner enters a call from an “unknown”. Since he had the cell phone connected to the car, it was evident that someone was requesting it.

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However, something was wrong with Katherine Peralessince he realized that there was a spelling error in that word. Unknown was with “S”.

This caught the girl’s attention, so, he asked the man why he didn’t answer. To which he tells her to calm down that he was an “unknown”. Then the subject confessed and He made it clear to Perales that it was his ex, the mother of his son.

She indicated that since she has known him she has kept it like this. To which she comments “I have mine as “the shit””.

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