He does not get up early because he suffers from sleep and reads the horoscope “to add flavor and joke”: 'witty' Councilors in Colombia

He does not get up early because he suffers from sleep and reads the horoscope “to add flavor and joke”: ‘witty’ Councilors in Colombia

The lobbyists who went viral on social networks are from Ibagué and Bogotá. Some assure the images were in the middle of jokes and others who took them out of context.

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During the recent weekend there were two curious episodes that went viral on social networks. In both the protagonists are two councilors who circulated for their striking occurrences.

The first of them is the Ibagué lobbyist Orlando Rodríguez, who gave some curious statements in which he stated that he did not get up early because he suffers from sleep.

He does not get up early because he suffers from sleep and reads the horoscope “to add flavor and joke”: 'witty' Councilors in Colombia
The councilman of Ibagué Orlando Rodríguez.

“I can’t get up early that day at six in the morning, because I’m sleepy,” Rodríguez initially said, also stating that “then, I’ll be here at eight in the morning. The truth is, I can’t, because, the truth is, I have sleep problems, I stay asleep”.

His statements that were captured through videos broadcast by Internet users became viral.

The comments of indignation, anger and mockery were immediate: “He has sleep problems and surely intelligence too,” said one of them through Twitter.

However, there were some who initially thought the councilman was serious, but later pointed out that the video that went viral was out of context:

  • “I believed the story, I asked a person within the Council and he tells me that it was with double intention. There was no context.”

After learning about this episode, other Internet users recalled when the same councilor Orlando Rodríguez would have fallen asleep in the middle of a debate session on political control of the Ibagué Mayor’s Office in the controversy over the Jamming Festival 2022.

The councilwoman who reads the horoscope in Bogotá

In addition to the councilor from Ibaguer, another controversy broke out in Bogotá over the weekend due to the statements of councilor María Victoria Vargas.

Who stated that he would be basing himself on what appeared in his horoscope to make decisions.

What he said was in the middle of a discussion of a project that allows millionaire annual investments for the country’s capital.

  • “To add flavor, joke to this Council, it turns out that I got up early to read my horoscope, and look what my horoscope told me yesterday, but to make you laugh, look what it told me: ‘today you must stand firm, in any decision that Take it, retracting only brings you problems that are difficult to solve’”.

However, it did not stop there:

  • “I believe that the majority of the Council proved to be Cancerian or to have followed that horoscope, look what it says today: ‘The World, horoscope April 27, 2022: cancer, try to face whatever arises calmly, and avoid making hasty decisions if you are not totally sure. You already know that when you are calm and cautious, you are never wrong. Marvelous! (laughs) Everyone calmly made the decision and said, ‘when in doubt, abstain,’” he said.
Other curiosities:

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But the most curious thing is that she was not the only one, because in the middle of the debate another councilor supported her and assured:

  • “Councilwoman María Victoria, notice that after your speech I read my horoscope and in the horoscope it says ‘it is possible that today there is a conflict between your ego and your emotions, something that could cause tensions in your life. Word of the day -and look at that coincidence- trust’. Almost. The word of the day that the horoscope that the councilor María Victoria invited to read today is confidence. And therein lies the answer, President Abisambra, to be able to guarantee that this common sense can flow and that we can carry out what you consider this Council should carry out”.

they didn’t like the joke

Many of his colleagues did not like the episode at all, one of those who spoke out against him was Rafael Amínm, who classified his statements as very serious:

  • “Very serious, right? In other words, instead of making decisions, we read the horoscope. I think that is very serious, the message that we are sending to the entire city.”

Another councilor also showed his discomfort:

  • “With all due respect and without wanting to get involved in that jocular action, Dr. María Victoria, who has already been appointed by three or four today in La Luciérnaga, I think that these days what they are going to say is that this Council meets for the horoscope. What you read seems so funny and humorous, they are going to say that we meet for the horoscope. And surely when we go out to ask for votes for the next campaign, the voters are going to tell us that they are not going to vote for us because the horoscope says not to vote for the councillors”.

This is how he remembered the curious episode Noticias Caracol.

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