He describes President Abinader's speech as illusionist

He describes President Abinader’s speech as illusionist

NEW YORK.- The president in this city of the political project “300 with Leonel”, Geraldo Rosario, described the president’s recent speech as illusionist Louis Abinader, on the occasion of its second year of management in the Dominican Republic.

“The omission of the significant impact on the Dominican economy produced by the remittances that Dominicans send from abroad is one more example that Quisqueyans residing abroad mean nothing to the current government,” said Rosario.

He specified that President Abinader and his advisory team must abandon the fantasy and live the reality of the town, with a family basket with everything expensive: chicken at 100 pesos and a bottle of water at 85, to name just two cases.

“Our relatives live in a constant complaint because the money we send from overseas is yielding less and less; likewise, the anguish of our mothers due to insecurity, that when one of her children leaves, nobody knows if he will return alive, robbed or beaten by criminals », she said.

He recalled that in 2020 the president promised that in two years he would cut crime in half, and that has not happened, and today he continues to promise the same.

“The nerve of the present government is such that it compares the Metro made by former President Leonel Fernández, which is used by thousands of Dominicans daily, with the subway that he will build,” he said.

From our perspective, Rosario points out, this speech left a bad taste in Dominicans abroad, because it is painful to have a president who does not value the contributions of those who sent more than 10 billion dollars in 2021, and the same rate in 2022; furthermore, he has not fulfilled his promises to the diaspora.

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