He carried out million-dollar scams through the POS and was convicted

He carried out million-dollar scams through the POS and was convicted

The Justice of long hill sentenced a man after it was proven that he was committing scams through the POS service. For this same fact, a woman is detained.

The victim of the scammer were merchants to whom he offered the POS service. In total, at least six people lost their money through this maneuver and the amount reported exceeds 4.5 million pesos.

The modus operandi carried out by the criminal was always the same: he sold electronic services through the POS, which he charged and thus extracted money from their customers’ accounts. The antisocial carried out these practices for at least six years.

The now convicted man worked in the departments of Cerro Largo, Tacuarembó and Treinta y Tres, so the authorities do not deny that he himself committed these crimes in other entities. It is still being investigated whether he actually committed crimes in other places.

For the moment, the man received a sentence as a criminally responsible perpetrator of repeated crimes of fraud in real reiteration with one of distribution or commercialization.

For these crimes, the subject, originally from Treinta y Tres, must serve a sentence of 18 months in prison, which was replaced by another regime. He will be released on probation and for four of the months he will remain under night house arrest. In addition, he must fulfill community tasks for three months, he is prohibited from leaving the country and the obligation to establish an address.

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