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Haydée Milanés to Willy Chirino “I know that I will fulfill the dream of seeing you sing in Cuba”

Mexico City, Mexico. -Cuban singer Haydée Milanés fulfilled one of her dreams: to meet the singer-songwriter Willy Chirino, one of the most representative musical voices of Cuban exile. Chirino celebrated his 76th birthday this April 5 with his family and friends and invited Milanés.

After the meeting, the artist wrote a beautiful message on her social networks.

“Three days ago I was lucky to meet the great Willy Chirino, whom I admire and enjoy for so many years! How nice to meet you (what a nice person!), how emotional to hear your warm voice up close singing a fragment of your song. You don’t know how much joy you have impregnated in my heart with your songs, your interpretations!

Haydée, daughter of Pablo Milanés, one of the most international voices in Cuba, shared an emotional message where she made clear what her wishes for Willy are.

“I wish you many blessings and I thank you, thank you for the music! Thanks for the inspiration! (I already fulfilled the dream of meeting you. I know that I will fulfill the dream of seeing you sing in Cuba)”.

In the comments section, Chirino replied how happy he was to have met her and the words he dedicated to her.

“Haydée, your words move me. Nothing more beautiful for an artist than to know that his music has served to inspire new generations. I hope that a lasting friendship with you and your husband will emerge from this meeting on my birthday,” she said.

Willy Chirino, who has lived in the United States since he was fourteen years old, in recent months has also been celebrating his 50 years of artistic career.

He debuted in 1974 with the album One Man Alone. Since then he has released more than twenty record productions. However, his career began earlier as part of different bands and orchestras. The 50th anniversary of his career dates back to 1972, when he began to use his name when creating music.

Within the framework of his 50-year career, Willy Chirino has received numerous tributes. On October 28, he was unveiled a mural with his image on Calle Ocho in Little Havana. On December 15, the city of West New York, New Jersey, paid tribute to him by naming a street after him, Willy Chirino Way, at the corner of 54th Street and East Boulevard.

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