Havana: They will deliver new “temporary cards” for the purchase of controlled products

MADRID, Spain.- The Cuban regime will deliver a new temporary card starting next May 15 for the purchase of controlled products in stores of the Caribe and CIMEX chains in Havana.

According to information from the Ministry of Domestic Trade (MINCIN), replicated by the official media, This is intended to “avoid incidents of improper deliveries of said products, which have occurred due to the use of various designs of temporary cards without an established procedure.”

The new card will be received by “workers and officials who are performing tasks of national agencies or entities permanently in the province”, previously requested by the agency that represents them.

The document will also be delivered to consumers permanently established in Havana and who are not registered in any supply book; as well as foreigners permanently residing in Cuba, who have the booklet, but are not recognized by the Oregi system (platform for online Consumer Registry procedures).

To collect the new card, you must go to the Consumer Registry Offices (Oficodas). If they do not do so in time, “as of the sixth sales cycle they will not be able to purchase the products in Cimex and Caribe stores.”

The Cuban government implemented these cards in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aim of rationalizing purchases in markets, stores and pharmacies in Havana.

In April 2022 The regime announced that, due to the scarcity and lack of availability of basic products, and the consequent queues, residents of Havana would only be able to buy in stores and commercial establishments in their municipalities.

Likewise, it indicated that all products for sale would be controlled and regulated, recording those controlled in the supply book, and the identity card scanning system would be applied in all establishments.

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