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Harnaaz Sandhu returns to be the center of controversy for notable overweight

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The Miss Universe 2022, Harnaaz Sandhu, is again in the spotlight, due to her conspicuous overweight. She met with prominent beauty queens, so her appearance compared to that of the others sparked speculation.

The new administration of miss Universein charge of JKNGlobal Groupheaded by businesswoman Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatiporganized an event called “Extravaganza” in which it unveiled the new concept of the contest.

Several queens and former beauty queens participated in the gala, including the Spanish Ángela Ponce, representative of Spain in 2018, the Miss Universe 2005, the Canadian Natalie Glevova; the Miss Universe 2011, the Angolan Leila López; the Miss Universe 2018, the Filipino Catriona Gray; the Miss Universe 2020, the Mexican Andrea Meza, and the current queen, India Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu.

In this sense, Sandhu gave rise to many comments due to his remarkable weight gain. From criticism and ridicule, to her body and the organization flooded the networks after the development of the event.

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Although there are also people who defend the Miss, there are many detractors who also compare her with the universal viceroy, Nadia Ferreira, who was the great favorite for Miss Universe 2022.

And it is that the Extravaganza event, Harnaaz stood out among the others in all the photos, due to the difference in their appearance.

Harnaaz Sandhu will deliver the Miss Universe crown on January 14, 2023, in New Orleans, United States.

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