Motocicleta Harley Davidson en Cuba

Harley Davidson in Cuba: “American” engines on a communist island

MIAMI, United States. — In a country where moving between cities and provinces is an odyssey due to the difficult transportation situation, owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle seems like a luxury within the reach of very few.

It is estimated that around 200 motorcycles of this type circulate on the island, almost all of them repaired and transformed by their owners.

According to motorists interviewed by the Spanish newspaper abcthe last model of Harley Davidson that entered Cuba is from 1960. At that time there were thousands of motorcycles of this type in the Caribbean country.

Harley Davidsons are manufactured by the American company Harley Davidson Motor Company. The brand has become a cultural icon around the world and is known for its classic designs and strong presence in popular culture.

These types of motorcycles are characterized by their large displacement engines, their classic design style and their distinctive sound, produced by their V-twin engine. Throughout history, the manufacturing company has produced a wide variety of models, including motorcycles touringsports, custom and cruiser.

Harley Davidson is one of the most recognized brands in the motorcycle world, with a wide fan base and its own culture that includes motorcycle clubs and international events such as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, United States.

Despite the economic crisis in Cuba, the owners of the few remaining Harley Davidsons have managed to keep them running, although it should be noted that very few have original parts from the brand.

For a decade, those who own these motorcycles in Cuba have met once a year in the resort of Varadero.

It should be noted that motorcycles prior to 1960, including Harley Davidsons, are considered “national heritage” by the Cuban regime and their export is prohibited.

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