Hardening of the Nica Act and Renacer laws is the sole fault of the dictators Ortega and Murillo, say opponents

The imminent hardening, by the United States, in the application of sanctions through the Nica Act and Renacer laws, against institutions and officials of the Nicaraguan regime, and which would also include restrictions against the trade in Nicaraguan gold and meat, is to blame. only from the same dictators who have escalated the repression and seek to consolidate a totalitarian and dynastic tyranny, say opponents consulted by Article 66.

This Thursday, June 8, Senators Marco Rubio, a Democrat, and Tim Kaine, a Republican, presented a bipartisan bill before the US Congress, which authorizes the US Executive to apply sanctions to the Ortega-Murillo regime for up to one year. 2028, and orders that the free trade agreement known as Dr-Cafta be reviewed, which would lead to sanctions against the trade in gold and livestock products, and even to renegotiate that trade agreement, which could leave Nicaragua out .

For the opposition Daysi George West, leader of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy (ACJD), the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship “should not blame opposition organizations for asking for laws that penalize the abuses they order. It is their acts of repression and violation of human rights that lead to the creation of laws of this nature,” said the opposition member.

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He recalled that in a country where the rule of law exists there would be no need for a foreign law “that sets conditions.” “It is ironic, but real, that the international community, and in particular, the United States, are concerned about the open violations of human rights in Nicaragua, while Ortega and Murillo try to continue doing business abroad,” he reiterated.

Georg West said that the indigenous peoples, the peasants, and in general the entire Nicaraguan people continue to be criminalized for thinking differently and continue to be victims of imprisonment, stripping of citizenship, confiscations, freezing of bank accounts for Catholic churches, stripping of legal from NGOs and universities, so “dictators must answer”.

He added that the spirit of the Law proposed by Senators Rubio and Kaine is consistent with the policy of protecting human rights and therefore “foreign companies that operate under agreements, and break them and become accomplices of the Nicaraguan dictatorship They must also respond.

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For his part, Enrique Martínez, a member of the Student Youth Unit (UJE) and spokesperson for the Platform for Unity for Democracy (PUDE) maintains that the effectiveness of the Ranacer Law and the Nica Act will depend to a large extent on the cooperation of the different actors involved in its application.

“For the application of these laws it is necessary to provide (from the Nicaraguan opposition) certain inputs to the US Government, and that is what we are working on, to locate the actors and those involved with the dictatorship, in the economic, military and also within the powers of the State that have been complicit, such as the Judiciary and the National Assembly.”

The opposition leader urged the entire international community to “join these pressure efforts, in the search for democracy, justice and freedom for Nicaragua” and insisted that economic sanctions are necessary because currently the most lucrative businesses in the country are controlled by Daniel Ortega, Rosario Murillo and their accomplices military leaders.

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