Hard times

Hard times

The global economic situation is quite serious. The conditions in terms of price increases for fuels derived from petroleum continue to skyrocket. In the United States it reached US$5/barrel, which is a record figure for a long time in that country, with inflation figures as high as those we have in Paraguay.
We would have to look for something like options and alternatives to this that seems like a lost year when we have not yet reached half of the year 2022.

It is time to look for options and alternatives; the deputies say -for the first time- that it is a shame that they receive G.3 million vouchers for fuel when people barely earn G.2,200,000 minimum wage.

But they continue to give out fuel vouchers for mayors and governments that are already known to be in the hands of those who ended up and with what elements of corruption their use is surrounded.

We should seek a heightened sense of austerity from the government, with a drastic decrease in theft levels, which, according to international banks, almost reach US$ 2,000 million per year.

In hard times you have to have tough measures, but you don’t just have to say them, but apply them and live them.

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