Haitians open border gate in Juana Méndez

Haitians open border gate in Juana Méndez

During the afternoon of this Saturday a group of truckers Haitians They broke the weld that had been blocking the door that gives access to Juana Méndez, Haiti, on the border with Haiti for six days. Dajabon.

These are truckers who have been stranded, with goods in their trucks since last Tuesday at the Dominican customs border crossing, the day on which groups Haitians they decided to weld the door to Juana Mendezin protest against alleged mistreatment of their compatriots by Dominicans, as well as the deportations carried out by the Dominican government.

“A group of truckers Haitians who have been on this side for five days got angry and threw themselves at the door on this side with mandarria and they knocked down the weld… the Haitians They don’t organize well in their country and they want to come to the Dominican Republic to organize,” the mayor of DajabonSantiago riveron.

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After the group broke down the door, authorities and merchants from Dajabon They held a meeting with a Haitian civil society commission, without reaching any agreement on the resumption of commercial activities between the two countries.

The Haitians demanded to resume the activities that the mayor of Dajabon retract and apologize for alleged offensive words spoken against the Haitian people.

“The condition to start a meeting, we as a civil authority, ask that Mr. riveron apologize to us; He said that we are nothing and that we are hungry, and we deserve respect,” said one of the representatives of Haitian society, whose name was not disclosed.

“Yes, they want them to open it, but it’s closed for us,” said the representative of the Merchants’ Federation, Freddy Morillo.

The representatives of both sides in the conflict requested that the solution of the problem be escalated to a high-level commission in both countries.

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