Hair over the primaries: it is chronicle of an announced disaster

Hair over the primaries: it is chronicle of an announced disaster

The first vice president of United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, considered that the primary elections of a sector of the Venezuelan opposition is a “chronicle of an announced disaster.”

The senior psuvista leader made a similarity with the famous book by the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, and assured that in the “fight” of the opponents for the primaries “they will not emerge unscathed.”

“It is a fight between them, that is why we say that it is the chronicle of an announced disaster, from which they will not emerge unscathed. They are going to come out worse than those who reached those primaries, because it is impossible for someone who supports Prosperi, for example, to support María Corina when she said that she did not want to know anything about the corrupt Adecos, ”Cabello instigated. .

He recalled the internal struggles that the opposition leaders that will participate in the primary process, such as the dispute between Henrique Capriles and María Corina Machado, where the former accuses the latter of being the “upper class” candidate.

“They are bombarding the bridges where they must pass (…) all backwards they destroyed the roads, that is why they got used to saying not one step back, they are experts in that: in failing, and this is going to make a failure, a real disaster ”, settled.

For his part, Diosdado Cabello revealed that the candidate Benjamín Rausseo withdrew from the primary contest because they asked him for money to participate.

“At this point I don’t know if he’s going to make it to the presidential elections, because if you check his record he jumps in and then goes backwards and disappears. I don’t know if he is going to go all the way this time,” he added.

Likewise, Cabello criticized Rausseo’s advisers, such as Juan Barreto, to whom he blamed the problems of the political decisions of the so-called independent candidate.

“That is the real cause, the internal contradictions of having a character like that next to someone who claims to be new to politics (…) Benjamin is a problem for the opposition, if he decides to continue it is his problem, it will be one more of the apparatus of the opposition”, he brandished.

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