Guyana asks Cuba for a contingent of nurses to solve the lack of health personnel

Guyana asks Cuba for a contingent of nurses to solve the lack of health personnel

The President of Guyana, Irfaan Ali, presented this Wednesday to the Cuban ambassador in Georgetown a request to “get Cuban nurses”, with the aim of alleviating the shortage of health personnel in the country. “We are in talks” with Havana, assured the president, who is facing a shortage of at least 600 nurses in the public hospital in his capital alone.

The petition gives the measure of the crisis in the country. According to Ali, Guyana lacks 1,300 female health workers to make the health system function properly, and some of the nurses are “doubling shifts” to care for patients.

Ali argued that other countries, such as the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom, as well as some in the Caribbean, are going through a similar phase of lack of doctors. His solution, he added, is to train more nurses “in the medium and long term”, to guarantee that, at least in the future, a greater number of professionals can be counted on. As an additional measure, from December 2022 the Government of Guyana raised the wages of all workers in the Health sector.

The former Minister of Health, Leslie Ramsammy, assured that the authorities were pleased with the island’s toilets

Late last year, the Guyana government praise the work of the Cuban medical brigade in that country and the former Minister of Health, Leslie Ramsammy, assured that the authorities were pleased with the health workers on the island. “Our health sector today can fend for itself because 45 years ago, Young Cuban doctors, men and women, left their homes and families and served the Guyanese people and today, thanks to them, Guyana has its own specialists and doctors, who have graduated from our own university,” Ramsammy said then.

In Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, on the other hand, the situation with Cuban doctors is already tense. To the doctor’s aggression Alfredo Batista Salgado While returning to his home in Kingstown on July 1, two more attacks occurred on Tuesday night. The Vincentian prime minister, the communist Ralph Gonsalves, appeared on national radio – as he had already done when Batista was stabbed – and stated that he had known details of both cases.

The doctors attacked were a man who suffered “cuts” on his hands and a woman, who was “hit on the nose with a stone,” Gonsalves reported. The attack occurred in the northeast area of ​​the city, in the early morning of July 11.

He added that “someone” had been taken into police custody and was “assisting” officers in finding those responsible. “I have spoken with the Police to guarantee the safety of our Cuban brothers working on the Island,” she concluded. Neither the Cuban Ministry of Public Health nor the Government have offered statements on these attacks.

For opposition politicians, the stabbing of Batista is a clear sign of the drift towards violence that the country is suffering. Godwin Friday, leader of the New Democratic Party in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, alluded to the crime and cited it as an example of the prime minister’s mismanagement in controlling crime. Likewise, he expressed in a press release his wish that the wounded man recover and that the “crisis” caused by the party of “comrade Ralph” cease.


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