Gustavo Petro: "A partir de hoy Colombia cambia, Colombia es otra"

Gustavo Petro: “From today Colombia changes, Colombia is another”

Gustav Petro: "From today Colombia changes, Colombia is another"

The elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, assured this Sunday in his first speech after winning the elections that today his country changed, it is another, and he proposed a “great national agreement” so as not to deepen the divisions.

«Here what is coming is a real change, a real change, in this we compromise existence, life itself, we are not going to betray that electorate that what they have shouted at the country, what they have shouted precisely at history is that as of today Colombia changes, Colombia is another,” Petro said before a crowd that acclaimed him at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá.

He also proposed that the countries of Latin America unite to talk with the United States and lay the foundations for an “energy transition” in the face of the ravages caused by climate change.

“I propose to the government of the United States and all the governments of the Americas that we sit down to dialogue to establish the steps of the energy transition, the steps of the construction of a decarbonized economy, the steps of the construction of an economy of life in all America,” Petro said in his first speech after winning the second presidential round.

The United States applauds Petro’s victory

The Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, congratulated Colombians on Sunday for the presidential elections won by the leftist Gustavo Petro and wished to “strengthen” the relationship with the future government of the South American country.

“We look forward to working with President-elect Petro to further strengthen the relationship between the United States and Colombia, and lead our nations toward a better future,” Blinken said in a statement..

The head of US diplomacy also congratulated “the people of Colombia for making their voices heard in free and fair presidential elections.”

He also stressed that both countries share values ​​and interests in terms of democracy, security, economy and human rights, and claimed that the cooperation between Washington and Bogotá has made it possible to “improve” public health, the rule of law and the environment in the region.

Blinken met last Wednesday in Washington with the outgoing president of Colombia, the conservative Iván Duque, who during his tenure has made several trips to the United States to strengthen relations with the North American country.

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