Gustavo Penadés asks to know the identity of his complainants. He insists on his “absolute innocence”

Gustavo Penadés insists on his absolute innocence.
Gustavo Penadés insists on his absolute innocence.

In the hearing held this Thursday, before Judge Marcela Vargas, the senator of the National Party, Gustavo Penadés, was denied the request to know the identity of the people who claim to have been victims of sexual abuse by him.

When leaving the court, the white legislator said he was “very good” and “very calm” and insisted on his “absolute innocence”. “Absolutely, I continue to insist that I am innocent, that I have a clear conscience, and that we hope that it can be proven in court,” he told the press.

Penadés understands that his rights as a defendant are being violated: “for now there is no lack of guarantees, what the judge did acknowledge is that with the decision she adopted, which was that Gesell not be seen in the camera, the camera is turned off and the voice is distorted, rights of my defense are violated”.

I, to this day, do not know any of those who have denounced meand the file does not contain any type of verification that there was any type of danger for the victims,” ​​he added.

He stressed that he trusts the Justice, but that he feels his rights have been violated: “I trust the judge, and I understand that time will give the possibility of knowing the plot behind all this.”

Penadés: “I am as calm as the first day”

He denied inferring or knowing if it is a “political maneuver”, after being consulted by a journalist. “I do not know i do not know. Time will tell,” he retorted.

“The Prosecutor’s Office talks about risks, but does not demonstrate or say what those risks are. In addition, the file does not contain any risk to these victims, ”he said.

He concluded by finishing that “There are not 11 people who accuse me, there are 11 testimonies.”

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