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Gustavo Gatica shows how people with visual disabilities use technology after statements by Deputy Cordero against Senator Campillai

The psychologist Gustavo Gaticawho also lost his vision as a result of the impact of pellets fired by the Carabineros in the context of the social outbreak, summoned the deputy Maria Luisa Cordero (IND-RN) after his statements against the senator Fabiola Campillai (IND).

To remember that the deputy indicated in a radio program that Campillai was not totally blind, since she can “see with one eye.” This caused the Senate and the President gabriel boric show your support and support to the senator, who tearfully recalled all that she has had to go through since she was blind.

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Gatica through his Twitter account showed how blind people can use cell phones, referring to what was expressed by the psychiatrist, who pointed out that they saw Campillai using his cell phone.

“I make this video to show you how visually impaired people can use the cell phone. I do it so that you don’t look ridiculous showing your ignorance, like a certain person, so they don’t say that I see out of one eye, I’m going to cover my face and I’m going to write something on an Instagram story,” said the psychologist.

Video via Instagram: @gustavogaticav

After that, he uploaded another story where he wrote “ridiculous” with the help of his cell phone and without looking.

Remember that Senator Fabiola Campillai was hit by a tear gas bomb thrown by the Carabineros in the context of the social outbreak. The senator lost her vision, smell and taste.

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