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Gustavo Dudamel Named Next Music Director of the New York Philharmonic

Gustavo Dudamel made his New York Philharmonic debut in November 2007, conducting works by Dvořák and Prokofiev. To date, he has conducted the NY Phil in 26 concerts. He will assume the role of Designated Music Director in 2025 and will then work as Music and Artistic Director beginning in 2026.

The New York Philharmonic announced this Tuesday, February 7, that the Venezuelan musician and conductor Gustavo Dudamel has been appointed as designated musical director for the 205-2026 season. He will then assume the posts of musical and artistic director from 2026, and for a period of five years.

New York Philharmonic Co-Chairmen Peter W. May and Oscar L. Tang confirmed the news in a press release. Dudamel will be the 27th director of this institution, which includes prominent figures such as Gustav Mahler, Arturo Toscanini and Leonard Bernstein.

The Venezuelan expressed his gratitude, both to the musicians and to the leadership of the Philharmonic, after his appointment, while he said he felt “anxious to get down to work ahead.”

“I look out with joy and excitement at the world that stretches out before me in New York City, and with pride and love at the world I have shared – and will continue to share – with my beloved Angelenos for the next three seasons and beyond. We are all united by the conviction that culture creates a better world and the dream that music is a fundamental right”, expressed Dudamel.

He also thanked the Los Angeles Philharmonic, where he currently works as conductor, as well as the late maestro José Antonio Abreu “and the musicians from Venezuela who have been with me from the beginning. As the great poet Federico García Lorca said: ‘Every step we take on earth leads us to a new world’”.

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For her part, the President and CEO of the NY Phil, Deborah Borda, stated that “this is a dream come true for our musicians, for our audience, and certainly for me. The union of a great orchestra, a visionary musical and artistic director, and a transformed hall promises the most prosperous of futures”.

Gustavo Dudamel made his New York Philharmonic debut in November 2007, conducting works by Dvořák and Prokofiev, as well as the orchestra’s first performances of Chávez’s Indian Symphony (Symphony No. 2) since Bernstein conducted that piece in 1961. .

To date, he has conducted the NY Phil in 26 concerts in repertoire since Mahler’s Symphony No. 5 in 2009, to Clara by Gabriela Ortiz and We’ll pass you the night by Andreia Pinto Correia, works by composers that he selected for the Philharmonic commissions, complementing the symphonic cycle by Robert Schumann that he conducted in March 2022.

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