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February 3, 2023
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Guillermo Teillier, president of the PC, is hospitalized: “His condition is stable”

The president of the Communist Party (PC), Guillermo Teillier, was hospitalized again at the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile for reasons still unknown.

From the medical facility it was indicated that the president of the PC is in the Intermediate Care Unit and that “his condition is stable, evolving satisfactorily.”

It is necessary to remember that on December 11 the helmsman had already been hospitalized for 10 days in the ICU of the same Hospital, due to health complications considered sequelae of covid-19, particularly due to intestinal thrombosis.PC

After that, he returned to his activities on January 14, where he participated in the Festival of Hugs and where he also thanked “the solidarity, greetings and good wishes of colleagues, friends, parties, social organizations, diplomatic representatives, authorities of government and especially my family”.

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