Guillermo Lasso will visit Uruguay and meet with Lacalle Pou

The President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso will begin a visit to the southern part of the continent. The Ecuadorian president will visit Argentina and Uruguay, where he will meet with Alberto Fernández and Lacalle Pou.

The trips are framed in a tour of official visits of the President from Ecuador. In the first instance, the Ecuadorian president will meet with his Argentine counterpart, Alberto Fernández. It is estimated that he will arrive in the neighboring country between April 17 and 19. Later, he will undertake his visit to Uruguay, to meet with Luis Lacalle Pou on days 19 to 20.

In the entourage that accompanies Lasso, are the foreign minister, Juan Carlos Holguín, and the ministers of Production, Foreign Trade, Julio José Prado.

The head of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society, Vianna Maino, will also be present. Sources related to the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry told EFE that in the following hours, more details of President Lasso’s trip will be given.

Who is Guillermo Lasso?

Guillermo Lasso became president of Ecuador on April 11, 2021. There he defeated his adversary Andrés Arauz, who had the support of Rafael Correa. He previously tried to reach the Government of his country twice, but was unsuccessful at the polls. In private activity, he developed as a businessman and banker.

At the time that Lasso’s victory was consummated, Lacalle Pou was the first president to congratulate him on obtaining the Government.

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