#GuestColumn |  The 4T does not comply

#GuestColumn | The 4T does not comply

The 4T call does not deliver what it promises. They promised to pacify the country and violence against women is lacerating.

Data published at the end of April by the Executive Secretariat shows that between 10 and 11 women are murdered every day. More than 600 women report domestic violence every day.

However, from the presidential microphone, he has time to talk about the campaigns, the Republicans, the Democrats, the Conservatives, Loret de Mola, Eugenio Derbez, but nothing, he says nothing about the women murdered in this country. .

During the government of López Obrador, 12,588 women have been murdered, 7,915 have disappeared. More than 10,000 have been victims of extortion, 926 have been kidnapped and 1,529 have been victims of trafficking.

Complaints of gender violence have increased by 30% and domestic violence has grown by 20%, between 2019 and 2021.

The violence not only does not stop, but it gets worse day by day. And the resources that the federal government allocates to protect women are a pittance.

There are three federal programs for the care of women in situations of violence but, unfortunately, this government only allocated 0.014% of the total budget to them.

To this is added the case of the shelters, the resources are not delivered on time and the lives of the women who resort to these centers, fleeing violence in their homes, are put at risk.

The disinterest of the federal government is taking the lives of women in Mexico and the strategy must change.

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