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Guasu Front insists on maintaining Lugo’s candidacy, despite impediment

Senator Fernando Lugo cannot speak or move on his own and can only tolerate six hours a day without a respirator. However, the Guasu Front maintains its position of supporting his candidacy until the electoral deadlines are met.

Dr. Jorge Querey, Fernando Lugo’s family doctor, confirmed that there are no big news about the health of the former president, and that continues in the path of recovery, which can be medium or prolonged.

There are three aspects evaluated: the motor, respiratory and neurological parts. Regarding the first, is able to move all four limbs, the right side a little more than the left. In the second, it is tolerating six to seven hours without a respirator and then put back on. In the third, they are made motor or neurostimulation exercises two to three times a day.

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“You’re lifting him out of bed, he’s sitting on a couch has a tendency to sleep for a long time, when he wakes up he responds to simple commands, but with babbling, He still doesn’t speak because he has a tracheotomy,” said Querey, in an interview with 730 AM.

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Asked about the candidacy that until now is supported by the Guasu Front, Querey warned that, the deadlines legally established by the electoral law will be met and that, it will be the table of presidents of the Guasu Front, the one that at the time defines whether or not Lugo is kept in the electoral race.

“I think that we could not assure now, we have months ahead, I do not know if that level of interaction is going to evolve sufficiently and I don’t know if it’s going to be enough to exercise in office”, Querey acknowledged, although he added that Lugo’s family is very optimistic.

For the senator of the Guasu Front, the Saving Fernando Lugo’s life was already too important an achievement for what happened to him.

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