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Guaraní visits Mallorquín in search of third victory in a row

In Juan León Mallorquín, General Caballero (10th) faces today a Guaraní (5th) who aims to reap his third consecutive victory in the Apertura Tournament. The appointment, for the date 17, is set for 19:00 at the Ka’arendy.

El Rojo wants to shake off its most recent presentation, in which it was thrashed 6-0 against Ceará of Brazil in the Copa Sudamericana.

As for the local level, however, the cast of Alto Paraná achieved its first victory on matchday 16 under the command of Argentine Theiler -2×1 against Nacional in Barrio Obrero-, with which the General (13 pts.) goes today in search of a second consecutive victory in the Apertura.

Guaraní, for its part, seems to have found the path to regularity: Jubero’s men come from two wins in their most recent commitments -2×1 to Resistencia and 3×0 on October 12-, results with which they reached 21 units in the championship.

For the first round, on date 6, the Legendary won 3-1 in a match played in Dos Bocas.


Knight General JLM: Gustavo Arevalos; Miller Mareco, Junior Barreto, Manuel Romero, Tomás Lezcano; Elías Alfonso, Walter Rodríguez, Guillermo Hauche, Juan Heinze; Junior Marabel, Clementino Gonzalez. DT: Luciano Theiler.

Guarani: Aldo Perez; Rodi Ferreira, Marcos Cáceres, Roberto Fernández, Marcelo Benítez; Joshua Colman, Angel Benitez, Jorge Mendoza, Alberto Contrera; Milciades Adorno, Fernando Fernandez. DT: Fernando Jubero.


Referee: Derlis Benitez

Assistants: Eduardo Britos and Darío Gaona

Fourth referee: Giancarlos Juliadoza

VAR: Mario Diaz de Vivar

AVAR: Felix Arzamendia

Support referee: Derlis López

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