Guanipa revolted at Story’s mandate

In his program Con el mazo dando, the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, commented that the former representative of the United States for Venezuela James Story a member of the Venezuelan opposition revolted against him.

Cabello commented on his show that the opponent Tomás Guanipa he was able to take on the political mouthpiece of the United States.

“Give me the benefit of the doubt, give Tomás Guanipa a round of applause. Listen to this ‘Toy’ Story is standing firm to break the march, he leaves, calls a meeting to give him the last orders in Bogotá and at the meeting ‘Toy’ Story tells those of Primero Justicia: ‘look, you must demand that they go to the primaries without the CNE, because Tomás hit the table and said: ‘you’re not going to make me do that,’ he stood up and left, please clap your hands,” Cabello said on his program.

In that sense, he stressed that Guanipa did that because he already knew that Toy Story was on its way out.

“I’m not telling him to applaud him, because I don’t know if that word exists, he already knew he was leaving and that’s why he was raised, he said: here with three sticks on me I can’t stand anyone’s pod,” he satirized.

James Story was fired from his duties as head of the United States Foreign Office for Venezuela by the Joe Biden administration and had already been denounced several times for interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela, for which President Nicolás Maduro said that ” He acts as the owner of the opposition and gives them orders.”

Cabello also assured, in the 429th edition of the Con el mazo dando program, that the opposition sector in general and the extremist sector in particular, will not give up their personalist attitudes in order to achieve the union of their forces internally for the 2024 elections. “Among themselves they will continue fighting,” he judged.

Likewise, he asserted that the situation of the opposition presidential candidacy in the Voluntad Popular party is in limbo due to last-minute jumps in the bullpen and conflicts between groups that aspire to the leadership of this political organization.

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