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Guaidó asserts that with the elimination of the interim the AN-2015 jumps into the void

In the virtual session of this December 30, Juan Guaidó, president of the National Assembly (AN) of 2015, rejected the reform to the Transition Statute that contemplates the elimination of the interim government that he leads. He assured that it is an unconstitutional law that, far from bringing solutions to the people, darkens the path towards the restoration of democracy.

The president of the National Assembly (AN) elected in 2015, Juan Guaidó, asserted that with the elimination of the interim government that he leads, approved with 72 votes in favor in the session on December 30, Parliament jumps into the void. For Guaidó, the reform to the Transition Statute is an unconstitutional law, “said by jursitas.”

“They have exercised the majority for this option (eliminate the interim),” he said at the end of the virtual session, which began at 2:00 p.m., an hour later than scheduled and ended after 9:00 p.m. added that with the elimination of the office of charge, the country is not put in a better position.

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He assured that Parliament falls into a vacuum, because it tries to transfer the functions of the Executive to a commission. Despite the fact that “anti-interim” deputies have assured that a commission will be appointed to safeguard Venezuelan assets abroad, he emphasized that it cannot be an option to stop protecting Venezuelan wealth and hand it over to the Maduro government, which in the past he used it “to finance his regime of terror.”

“If Maduro gave the order to stop me as he already did in 2019 to stop me here, I will be in line with what we believe. We appeal to the conscience of Venezuelans. Know that 2023 will be a year of participation and unity. Venezuelans feel uncertainty, there is even pain,” he added.

He thanked each official who represented his administration in more than thirty countries and multilateral organizations, such as the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations (UN). He pointed out that it is not about romanticizing a position.

He asked the deputies who in the commission that is intended to be created will then assume responsibility with the Venezuelans and before the international community. He stressed that the Maduro government was not the one that ended the interim, as well as that the office in charge did not deepen the country’s crisis.

«Building takes years, destroying sometimes seconds. Today, regardless of the verbalization and semantics, it is intended to deliver a constitutional tool », He said. At the same time, he urged parliamentarians to “assume the consequences that come”

Vecchio ceases functions after dissolution of the interim government

Carlos Vecchio, designated as representative of the interim government in the United States (USA), announced the cessation of his diplomatic activities, after the elimination of the interim government was approved.

«Personally, I have a clear conscience because I have never been nor will I agree with anything that goes against the supreme interest of our people to achieve their FREEDOM. We will carry out the cessation of our diplomatic activities in the United States in accordance with the Law, “he wrote on Twitter on the night of December 30, a few hours after the news was released.

He asserted, through a thread published on the social network, that the deputies who voted in favor of suppressing the office led by Guaidó committed an “unconstitutional historical error that only benefits the Maduro dictatorship.”

“It is unconstitutional because article 233 of the national Constitution is violated. Maduro was not elected by the people, but imposed by fraud. The Presidency in Charge was not a political decision of the National Assembly, but a constitutional mandate in the absence of a legitimate president,” he wrote in a thread on Twitter.

He added that although the deputies justify their action in the supposed “failure” of the interim government, with the figures of the ad-hoc Administrative Boards they continue it, but under the political control of certain political parties of the National Assembly. In his opinion, they “unconstitutionally” assume the role of legislators, administrators and comptrollers, which violates the principles of transparency and accountability.

Vecchio asserted that a political error and that the only beneficiary of the decision will be the ruler Nicolás Maduro. He added that losing legitimacy is indirectly legitimizing Maduro, normalizing and “the dictatorship.”

“In addition, it weakens the Democratic Platform in the negotiation process in Mexico, since it leaves it without a key chip against the dictatorship in the conquest of a free, fair and verifiable presidential election that opens the floodgates to a true democratic transition as soon as possible. possible. Handing over the Presidency in charge for nothing weakens us in every way, “he pointed out.

Guaidó’s representative to the US pointed out that it is also an economic mistake because the defense of foreign assets is endangered, which increases the chances that Maduro and his officials “take control of strategic resources” from the citizenry.

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