Guadalajara fans star in altercations at the team hotel

Guadalajara fans star in altercations at the team hotel

04/16/2022 at 07:48


Several hundred Chivas de Guadalajara fans staged acts of violence this Friday at the team’s concentration hotel in Mexico City, where this Saturday they will face Cruz Azul in the mexican closing. “Lay eggs from Chivas, tomorrow no matter what it costs we have to win,” the fans repeated with drums, after which they faced the players who came out to the entrance of the facility to sign autographs.

Mentions of mother, offenses and claims rose in tone; the soccer players returned to the interior of the hotel, while the followers of the set they threw beer cans. The climax came when some of the supporters of Guadalajara They knocked down the security fence, broke windows and entered the hotel.

The violent acts occurred 40 days after a pitched fight between the fans of Atlas and Querétaro caused the suspension of the match on day nine, after which the Mexican Football Federation determined measures, such as vetoing the Querétaro supporter and the of visiting teams.

Guadalajara lost last Wednesday 1-3 against Rayados de Monterrey, which kept the team, one of the two most emblematic in the league, in fifteenth place. The board fired coach Marcelo Michel Leaño on Thursday and appointed Ricardo Cadena as interim substitute, who led the expansion league team.

The indiscipline and lack of civility in Mexican soccer has various nuances; the most visible in recent years is a homophobic scream to the rival goalkeepers, who this Thursday the fans of the champion Atlas once again starred, frustrated by the defeat against the humble Mazatlán. The Mexican Federation has paid several fines for manifestations of homophobia, which led to the implementation of a control system in the matches of the national team, consisting of recording the data of all those attending the stadium.

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