#GuacamayaLeaks: State Secretaries of Security are reviewed by Sedena

#GuacamayaLeaks: State Secretaries of Security are reviewed by Sedena

It should also be evaluated whether the personnel attend the work meetings with military commanders in their area or if they moderately fulfill the tasks entrusted to them. In one of the formats that report the activity of a command, in which the name of the valued official is omitted in this publication, it is highlighted that “there are indications of involvement by subordinate personnel.”

Another of the formats is a card that must carry the data of a military element that joins one of the Public Security units.

#GuacamayaLeaks: State Secretaries of Security are reviewed by Sedena

A state example

In the review by Political Expansion it was possible to confirm the provision of information from the state of San Luis Potosí, where it is evaluated Guzmar Angel Gonzalez Castillothe head of the state Secretary of Public Security, who was appointed by the governor Ricardo Gallardoof the Green Party, since the start of his administration in September 2021.

The secretary and retired ex-military appears in an evaluation report from Sedena for the month of April 2002; Like his military personnel who participate in public security tasks, it details the work of half a dozen state commanders who work in the municipalities.

José Luis Urban Ocampo, commissioner of the State Civil Guard (GCE),
Facundo Esteban Ku Novelo, Director of Sgd. Pub. Mpal. of Rayon, SLP
Roberto Alejo Magaña, Director of Sgd. Pub. Mpal. Ebony, SLP
Miguel Bustos Leyva, Director of Sgd. Pub. Mpal. of Villa Hidalgo, SLP
Ramiro Ahumada Sánchez., Dir. Sgd. Pub. Mpal. of Tampamolon Corona, SLP
Benito Martínez Santiago, Dir. Sgd. Pub. Mpal. of Tancahuitz, SLP

For samuel storrsecurity consultant and collaborator of the citizen security program of the Universidad Iberoamericana, these reports are an irregularity that show a parallel power in charge of Sedena.

“It is somewhat irregular, the fact that it is irregular confirms that only ex-military secretaries are requested (reports); there is an expectation of the military and not of all civil servants; confirms another aspect of what is the project of increasing military influence in security agencies, and also migration, and also other key sectors. It gives another significant meaning by reporting directly to Sedena”, he values.

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