Guabirá rescued an agonizing draw against Vaca Díez

Guabirá rescued an agonizing draw against Vaca Díez

May 5, 2023, 9:03 PM

May 5, 2023, 9:03 PM

Guabirá tied at home after a bad match against Vaca Díez. The Pandino team deserved more, but could not hold the result and left with a point from Montero. El Rojo was forceful in the few arrivals he had, and was able to save the result at minute 98′.

At 22′ the judge went to VAR to review a possible red card. Víctor Borobobo stepped on Cristian Fernández when looking for a divided ball. Fernández slid to lock, while Borobobo stepped with his left foot in the calf area. The play was violent, but the judge saw no need to issue the red card.

Subsequently, Bruno Miranda had the chance to open the scoring, but couldn’t get his shot off. The ball rained down towards the far post, and instead of finishing off, he wanted to dominate without success. The ball bounced off his feet, and he missed the end line.

At 29′ came the first goal. Dico Roca connected a cross from Joel Fernández in the center of the area. The visit hit after a first round trip, as well as being very stuck. After half an hour of the game, Vaca Díez made it 0-1.

At 65 ‘the second of the visit fell. ‘Chicho’ Vogliotti defined inside the area after a wall with Borobobo. The Argentine dominated, arranged his body and defined Araúz’s left post. Great goal for the 0-2 visit.

At 70′ Ricardo Román was sent off during the visit. He committed an offense in the middle of the field of play, and earned the second yellow card. Leading on the scoreboard, but with 20 minutes to play, Vaca Díez was one man down.

At 90 came the Guabirá discount. Peredo connected with his head after a cross from Abastoflor and put suspensive points to the match, since 7 more minutes had been added. Vaca Díez continued to win 1-2.

The end of the game was heart attack. Guabirá went with everything in search of the tie, and got it at 98′. The header that Padu took for the final tie 2-2 was heroic. The cross fell from the left corner, and the Brazilian defined with great force to rescue the tie.

Guabirá will have to raise its head on the next date. It will be before The Strongest in La Paz, on Wednesday, May 10. Vaca Díez, meanwhile, must receive Always Ready the same day.

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