Guabirá - Bolívar (0-0): minute by minute

Guabirá – Palmaflor (1-0): minute by minute

Guabirá - Palmaflor (1-0): minute by minute

July 15, 2023, 2:55 PM

July 15, 2023, 2:55 PM

During the first few minutes, Red dominated the ball but it lacked the final sting. The team from Monterrey came very close, but timidly and Palmaflor looked comfortable resisting near midfield.

Little by little, local dominance advanced and at 29′ the scoring was opened. LAfter a sugar offensive, the rebound fell to Sergio Llamas, and the Spaniard took a strong shot that the rival goalkeeper ate. Guabirá opened the scoring at a key moment of the match for the 1-0.

At 35′ a penalty was sanctioned in favor of Guabirá via VAR. In a local offensive, Layonel Figueroa entered the area and was brought down from behind by a defender. Although the television image was not clear, the VAR and the judge sanctioned an infraction for a hit from behind.

After some discussions, Quintana took the ball and missed the shot, crashing it into the post goalkeeper’s left. Great option, but wasted from the penalty spot.

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