Grupo Eulen cree que el país necesita  competitividad y cadena logística

Grupo Eulen believes that the country needs competitiveness and a logistics chain

The services manager of Grupo Eulen, Aristides Salcedoaffirmed that the geographical position of the Dominican Republic and its exits with the ports in the Caribbean make it a strategic country for the international trade of import and export of goods, either by air, land or sea.

However, he stated that despite this advantage, the Logistics Performance Index (LPI for its acronym in English. 2018) prepared by the world Bankplaces it in position 87 due to the lag it has in aspects such as customs, infrastructure, international shipments, logistics services competition, Track and Trace and Punctuality.

He said in a document that according to government data, the country exceeded the US$12 billion in exports. In fact, the industrial ones increased by 26%; those of free zones in 22%; mining at 8% and agriculture at 7%.

He explained that in this context and as part of the improvements throughout the national logistics chain, a key factor in the efficiency and performance of the industry is security.

He cited that products for export or internal distribution must be stored and transported to different delivery points, becoming critical products due to the economic and commercial value they represent for companies.

“The entire global supply chain has suffered a huge imbalance due to global realities, such as the pandemic and now the war between Russia and Ukraine. Having a security incident aggravates this complicated situation,” Salcedo explained.

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He argued in the text that a reflection of the impact that the sector has had is the global shortage of containers for maritime transport and the consequent escalation of prices, which are unprecedented.

The companies that perform best during this period of supply chain normalization and economic revival will be better able to satisfy the markets they serve and gain a competitive advantage.

“Those companies that are faced with delays, complications, shortages, additional paperwork, resulting from security incidents, will undoubtedly suffer a serious deterioration,” said Salcedo.

According to the experts from Grupo Eulen Dominican Republic, the entire logistics chain should be robust to avoid affecting the business, minimize risks and maintain the fluidity of the operation.

The note explains that Grupo Eulen República Dominicana is a company that is part of the Spanish multinational of the same name.

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