Grupo Distriluz, a public company that manages S/2,577 million

Grupo Distriluz, a public company that manages S/2,577 million

is a public company that has assets of S/ 2,577 million, 25% more than in 2011, according to its audited financial statements to 2020. In addition, its turnover has not stopped growing in the last 10 years. In 2020, when economic activity was severely affected by the pandemic, it reported sales revenue of S/2,619.6 million, 112% more than the S/1,232.8 million it registered in 2011. How healthy is this company financially?

An indicator that allows evaluating the performance of a company, as well as analyzing its ability to meet obligations, is the EBITDA (or company profits before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization). And in the case of Distriluz, its EBITDA that year was S/703.2 million, 136% more than in 2011.

Not only did this indicator more than double in the last decade, but its increase was progressive year after year, with the exception of 2020. That’s how financially healthy the company they have proposed to the investigated former president of Petroperú, for the chairmanship of the board.

For the former Vice Minister of Energy, Luis Espinoza, the politicization of the board could deteriorate its performance.

“This company has been run very well. The Fonafe, when it appoints the directors, is scrupulous. And a director must have experience in the electrical sector. You can’t put someone who doesn’t have it. That person must have proven experience and I have never met Mr. Hugo Chávezand that I have more than 30 years in the sector”, he commented.

Added to this is the risk that poor management would entail for rural electrification work, which would harm low-income families.

If you have state companies, it is not so that you put your friends in, but so that you make public policies where the private sector cannot go.. That is, develop the , which is what these companies have done for years (…). “We can have abundant (electric) generation, but we do not have abundant networks. For that we need professionals who know the sector and generate trust, otherwise it will deteriorate further and people will see that. In the provinces, before there were many power cuts and that has been improving, but with this we can go back”, he warned.

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