Green jobs, a commitment to reduce the effects of climate change

Green jobs, a commitment to reduce the effects of climate change

The International Labor Organization (ILO) assumed the commitment of the G7 Ministers of Labor and Employment to undertake concrete actions in support of a just transition and job creation decent for a green economy.

The declaration, issued on May 24, for operationalizing the goal of a just transition to carbon neutrality, considers three main paths: investment in skills for green jobs, in particular for low-skilled adults; expanding social protection to protect incomes and ease transitions; and the improvement of safety and health at work to cover the new risks related to climate change and the policies applied to mitigate it.

In this sense, the ministers undertook to work towards an international consensus on business and human rights to comply with the standards contained in the ILO Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and social policy.

With the support of the ministers to the initiative of the Secretary General of the United Nations of a “Global Accelerator for Employment and Social Protection for a Just Transition”, with the aim of creating 400 million jobs and expanding social protection coverage to the 4,000 million people who are not covered by any measure.

The ILO highlighted the support of the ministers for the incorporation of safety and health at work, a measure that will be considered by the member States of the ILO on the International Labor Conference.

To promote continuity and prioritize coordinated action across the G7 on critical employment, social, and labor issues, ministers agreed to establish a permanent Employment Task Force.

ILO Director-General Guy Ryder said: “Now, more than ever, an integrated and coordinated response is needed. A response that prioritizes OSH in the context of a just transition and ensures a shift towards resilient and sustainable economies that also contributes to the goals of decent work for all and protects workers from disease, ill health, injury or death at work.

“By elevating OSH to a fundamental right, the International Labor Conference would express its determination that health and safety in the workplace offer important human and economic benefits, support inclusive economic growth.”


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