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Gratuity 2022: find out HERE how to know if I will collect this benefit in July

Gratuity 2022: find out HERE how to know if I will collect this benefit in July

July is synonymous with , and there is no worker who does not associate the anniversary of the country with the gratification that accompanies it. For this reason, at the start of the new month, we will tell you everything you need to know about the ‘free’.

What is gratuity and how much does it consist of?

According to Alicia Jiménez, main associate of Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría, the bonus is the social benefit that is delivered in money to the worker on the occasion of the celebration of National Holidays and Christmas.

This benefit is equivalent to a monthly remuneration in the case of regular companies. However, for workers in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the bonus will be equal to half a salary.

What do I need to receive the bonus?

The main requirement for the worker to receive the July bonus is that they work for at least one month, Jiménez said.

This criterion is also met by those who are on vacation leave, paid leave or receiving social security subsidies or due to an accident at work.

The bonuses will be granted “in proportion to the months actually worked.” Note that for this calculation only full months are taken into account. In addition, the following periods are considered actually worked:

  • Vacation rest.
  • Rest or leave due to disability or work accident.
  • Those determined by law.

Are there special cases?

The labor lawyer stressed that there are special cases due to quarantine. For example, the days of perfect suspension of work are not considered worked.

In addition, paid leave is considered time actually worked. In this sense, the days not worked by risk personnel will be part of the bonus calculation.


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