"gratitude and pride" for the National Team despite not having been able to see the caravan

"gratitude and pride" for the National Team despite not having been able to see the caravan

Millions of boys, girls, adolescents, youth and adults fans celebrated the world championship.


The Scaloneta fans waited long hours under the sun in the City of Buenos Aires hoping that this historic event would take place that would mark them forever to see the caravan go by with the players who won the third Argentine World Cup, but Despite not having been able to see them, they maintained their “thankfulness and pride” in a climate of solidarity and popular celebration.

Millions of boy, girl, adolescent, youth and adult fans arrived in the area of ​​the 25 de Mayo highway from midday with the illusion and expectation of seeing their idols, the national team players, and shouting at them how much they love them. they want.

The wait was marked by looks that convey gratitude while they listened attentively to their cell phones for possible changes in the route of the caravan.

Since noon columns that occupied the entire Avenida San Juan approached the place because it was believed that the bus would pass along the highway, which they stared at for a sign. They sang super close to each other the song that became argentinian anthem in this World Cup: “Guys, now we are excited again”.

Everyone was hugged to enter, while many of them held up their cell phones to get that image that testified that they were there, that they saw them with their own eyes.

The fans of La Scaloneta waited to see the caravan with the champions go by.//Photo Florencia Downes

Others preferred to retain the image in their retinas, throwing pieces of paper, foam, as if it were a carnival, jumping on the spot and waving their hands above their heads, with their gaze fixed on the highway and their chests puffed out with pride for the colors of the jersey and this team.

While the excitement and expectation grew under the intense midday sun that increased the temperature and smeared the bodies, some couldn’t take it anymore, because they had been waiting since early morning or since the first morning of today.

Some climbed trees, traffic lights, signs, to be able to get on the highway or have a better view of the situation. It was one uncertainty where the micro would pass, pBut the fans were still waiting until they had some accurate information and because it was a historic day and a collective celebration.

Some families with little boys and girls decided to sit in the shade provided by the trees to eat food that they brought in ice creams and tupperware from different areas of the Province of Buenos Aires and that they transferred between trains to spend the day, because they had been eating for a long time. stopped and had to change locations on repeated occasions as rumors were shouted at each other about the location and destination of the caravan that left Ezeiza.

“It doesn’t go through here, we’re going there, it’s sure to go through there” they said to each other. Some followed that data and others did not.

On the highway May 25, the people, all dressed in light blue and white, stood on the railings to cheer along with the fans who were waiting below, both on Av. San Juan and on Avenida 9 de Julio, while they drank alcoholic beverages with ice and they shared songs. “We don’t know if they are going to come or not, but we are going to stay the same,” they told Télam.

The popular mobilization was an emotional embrace towards the group of soccer idols Photo Florencia Downes
The popular mobilization was an emotional hug towards the group of soccer idols. //Photo Florence Downes

Some were circulating on the highway on foot and others were just waiting in line.

There, coordinators sang and played bass drums, drums and trumpets.

“One minute of silenceoooo!” Said one of the songs and at that moment absolutely everyone fell silent, generating a kind of sound vacuum, stopped the drums and said “shhh”, achieving an impossible silence among thousands of people, to then finish off : “For France that is dead”, while they laughed, waved leather shirts and danced in groups.

In this great popular festival there was also actions of some that endangered their own lives and that of others, but even so, the vast majority of people who came to the “sweet wait” did so out of love and gratitude to a team that gave them great happiness and marked them forever.

A father standing on one of the freeway guardrails was swaying and jumping with a small child on his shoulders several feet above the street. “I’m not going to fall, I’m not going to fall,” he assured, although the risk was imminent, until they convinced him to get off there.

Others also climbed on billboards, while the majority waited laughing, singing and sharing the expectation on the highway, highlighting the “joy” of being there and that the players have come to the country to share the merriment with the Argentines.

Photo Florence Downes
Photo Florence Downes

The popular mobilization was an emotional hug to the soccer idol group, of those who highlighted his “humility”.

Although the number of people was large and heat strokes affected many of those present, people also helped each other to continue “holding out” in the place. To fulfill the dream of seeing them and being able to tell in a few years “I was there”.

A great example of solidarity It happened when, on the streets surrounding the descent of the 25 de Mayo highway, on Carlos Calvo and Salta, the neighbors shot from the balconies, at the request of those who settled in the street in full murguero dance, with drums and chants, buckets of cold water to endure the heat.

Among the neighbors of the balconies, there was an elderly woman to whom they fervently sang “Grandma, la, la, la”, and then neighbors from other balconies joined with hoses that pointed towards the street and also waved their arms singing from the top. high, accompanying the feeling.

Photo Florence Downes
Photo Florence Downes

“We won’t be able to see the National Team but we have our grandmother and the neighbors,” they commented to each other. At the same time, on the same block, the fans found the solidarity of the Peronist Basic Unit “Daniel Aranda. Principles and values”, where Guillermo Moreno was present, who provided the bathroom and allowed shelter for those who needed it with open arms. in a context in which all businesses were closed for the national holiday.

That street became a postcard of Argentina, solidarity and party. As in a carnival, the fans cooled off with the water that they asked to be thrown from the balconies, while they danced, laughed, sang, jumped with their arms around each other and said to each other “we are champions”, as if they still did not believe it.

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