Graduates from the penitentiary system will access carpentry courses

Graduates from the penitentiary system will access carpentry courses

There, starting in February, some 20 people who have graduated from the prison system will be trained. “The idea is to provide tools for training people and opportunities for development or insertion into the labor market,” he said.

Minister Lema highlighted the reopening of the carpentry workshop as one of the objectives to provide people who recover their freedom. In this sense, he reported that the General Directorate of Professional Technical Education-UTU worked on the renovation of the infrastructure, and will provide the teachers and supplies necessary for the courses.

In addition, he announced that in February the training for 20 people released from the penitentiary system will begin, with an extension of 180 hours. He also added that the Home Office provided more than $8,000 worth of blacksmithing and carpentry tools for the courses. “Articulation and deepening the work on second chances seems very important to us,” he said.

He also explained that Dinali works to generate support for ex-inmates, through tools that provide educational opportunities, as well as medical and emotional care. In this regard, he alluded to “a change of imprint”, in which care is passed from police stations to the territorial offices of the Ministry of Social Development (Mides), with personnel trained for it.

Lema indicated that the maximum number of people who recovered their freedom inserted in the labor market was reached, and maintained that 400 graduates of the penitentiary system attend Dinali per month in search of support.

The minister was accompanied in the activity by the undersecretary of the portfolio, Andrea Brugman; the undersecretary of the Interior, Guillermo Maciel, and the general coordinator of the Dinali, Daniel Fernández.

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