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Graduated 3,000 professionals in Criminal Investigation and Criminalistics

Graduated 3,000 professionals in Criminal Investigation and Criminalistics

The sectoral vice president for Citizen Security and Peace, A/J Remigio Ceballos Ichasopresided over the graduation ceremony for more than three thousand new professionals in Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science in the country.

The act was carried out at the headquarters of the National Experimental Security University (UNES), in Caracas, as part of the commemorative acts of the anniversary week of the Scientific, Criminal and Forensic Investigation Corps (Cicpc), said a Press release of the Ministry of Interior Relations, Justice and Peace.

In this regard, Ceballos highlighted that since 2013, 22,136 professionals have graduated in the area thanks to the strategic action established by the National Government.

Likewise, he highlighted that only in the city of Caracas, 784 Higher University Technicians (TSU) graduated in Criminal and Forensic Investigation.

When addressing new professionals, Ichaso Ceballos He urged them to guarantee deep respect for Human Rights, since they are at the beginning of their career.

It should be noted that the new professionals in the area, they have the necessary technical-scientific capabilities to act against any criminal act and consolidate the peace of the Venezuelan people.

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