Governors and leaders of the FdT ask for the departure of Rosatti

The president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Horacio Rosatti / Photo: Sebastián Granata.

Governors of the Frente de Todos (FdT), pro-government deputies and national officials stated that Horacio Rosatti cannot continue as president of the Supreme Court of Justice as a result of the chats that were spread between the director of his committee and the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Marcelo D’Alessandrowho argued that the messages were “false” and that he will not resign from his position.

“It cannot be that Rosatti continues in Court. He can’t go on until this is resolved. I don’t know if the word is obscene or pornographic. This is an unprecedented scandal and it is very serious for the entire country,” said the governor of Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora.in statements to El Destape Radio.

In this sense, he indicated that “these chats show the handling of court rulings and collusion” between part of the Judiciary and officials of Together for Change (JxC).

“It is not my place to tell Rosatti to resign. He should already be explaining to society and all the powers of the State what is happening”, he highlighted.

Who also repudiated these alleged Telegram chats between D’Alessandro and one of the advisers to the president of the Supreme Court, Silvio Robles, was the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof.

“It’s like seeing the back room, the kitchen of how things are being put together, the lawfare, these very serious sentences,” Kicillof said on AM 750, in relation to these messages in which the Buenos Aires official and Rosatti’s spokesperson discuss the decision for co-participation and the integration of the Council of the Magistracy.

In relation to the political responsibility of the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Kicillof considered that “if he was aware of this, as this seems to indicate, it is extremely serious, and if he was not aware, he should react by throwing D’Alessandro out immediately “.

Likewise, he indicated that “Rosatti cannot continue in charge of this issue for another minute after this chat”, referring to the case for co-participation in which the Supreme Court issued a precautionary measure in favor of the City Government, establishing that the The Nation must pay 2.95% of the total co-participating resources.

For his part, the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro, described as “scandalous” and “promiscuous” the conversations spread.

“The leaking of the chats that show a scandalously promiscuous relationship between Larreta’s Security Minister and Rosatti’s main adviser confirm what we denounce: with this Court there is no justice,” De Pedro posted on his Twitter account.

In this framework, he again criticized the resolution for the mass of co-participating taxes as “arbitrary, electoralist and anti-federal”.

“The Court issued a shameful ruling between roosters and midnight giving more funds to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who manages the smallest district, with the fewest needs and the richest in the country to the detriment of all the provinces,” explained De Pedro.

In turn, the national deputy of the FdT Leandro Santoro called the content of the leaked chats “truly shocking.”

“From the bribes that officials in the City Government received for not charging the tow truck fee, through the political role of the president of the Court, to the way in which the power bloc operates in Argentina” Santoro highlighted in a dialogue with El Destape Radio, about the messages in which exchanges can also be seen between D’Alessandro and the businessman Marcelo Violante, who managed the towing and hauling service of the City.

“Rosatti cannot continue for another minute in charge of this issue”Axel Kicillof

“I think that Argentine democracy is going to owe a lot to Mr. D’Alessandro, because all the suspicions that we had in all orders, if these chats are verified, they are verified,” he added.

The Buenos Aires Minister of Government did the same, Cristina Alvarez Rodriguezwho described Rodríguez Larreta’s silence as “scandalous” in the face of the dissemination of the conversations, and warned that “part of the Judiciary is a representative of the Economic Power.”

Speaking to Fm La Patriada, Álvarez Rodríguez assured that “these chats clearly show us the link between the Court and the City of Buenos Aires to the detriment of the entire country” and added “more than a Supreme Court it is a Macrista Court “.

In this tune, the national deputy of the FdT also showed Monica Macha when stating that in the country there is “a way of operating of the Judiciary associated with political sectors and the media that damage democracy.”

“It is not my place to tell Rosatti to resign. He should already be explaining to society and all the powers of the State what is happening ”Gerardo Zamora

“I think it is a very critical moment for democracy because we are witnessing a way of operating by the Judiciary associated with political sectors and the media that ultimately shows how democracy is damaged and how we need to update the democratic pact,” he said. in radio statements.

Likewise, he criticized: “When we can read both the chats that came out yesterday and those linked to Lago Escondido, what we find is really a judicial mafia and it seems to me that this is the main problem in Argentina. It is very worrying and problematic,” he remarked. .

Regarding the dissemination of these alleged conversations, D’Alessandro assured that “they are false” and that he will continue in his position as a Buenos Aires official.

“They are capable of anything, even inventing chats to confuse. They are not interested in the truth or lying, it generates a post-truth to destroy the institutions,” the minister said in an interview with the Todo Noticias (TN) channel.

Along these lines, D’Alessandro maintained that “once again Kirchnerism” used the same “intelligence operations methodology” that was not seen “even during the dictatorship.”

“Those chats are fake, those supposed chats were created. How does this start? On October 19 they steal my line and a few others, Santilli (Diego), judges, prosecutors, businessmen. They steal our line and then the alleged invented chats appear, “he explained.

Asked if he will continue in his position despite the request for resignation put forward by deputies from the FdT bloc, the minister replied: “Of course, yes. I have been working for seven years to restore the freedom of the residents and I have the pride, honor and privilege of be part of the team of the head of government that created the City Police”.

Meanwhile, the deputy of the Frente de Todos Daniel Arroyo He considered that in Justice “nothing works as it should”.

“The chats reflect that everything is upside down in Justice, that nothing works as it should,” said Arroyo in dialogue with AM 530.

Along these lines, the deputy added that the Judiciary “should function independently” and with “a clear distance between political power and Justice.”

“The chats show that this is not the case,” he emphasized about the conversation in which D’Alessandro discussed with Silvio Robles, Rosatti’s spokesman, about the ruling of the highest court for the co-participation and integration of the Council of the Magistracy.

Along these lines, he called for “a serious institutional reconsideration” and proposed “generating a mechanism to improve the judicial sphere.”

Asked about a possible resignation of Rosatti from the ownership of the highest court, Arroyo indicated that “if the chats are accurate, there is no doubt that there was something here that goes beyond any line.”

The FIT asks to question Minister D’Alessandro in the Buenos Aires Legislature

The Buenos Aires legislator of the Left Front and Workers (FIT) Gabriel Solano reiterated his intention that the Minister of Justice and Security Marcelo D’Alessandro be questioned in the Buenos Aires Parliament for his participation in the alleged chats he had with Silvio Robles, the spokesman the president of the Supreme Court, Horacio Rosatti, and the businessman Marcelo Violante.

“D’Alessandro has to go, but first he has to give explanations since the rot covers more sectors of the City Government and can reach Horacio Rodríguez Larreta,” the deputy said in a statement.

In this sense, he anticipated that they will insist “on the request for interpellation in the Legislature” that was presented weeks ago from the first broadcast of exchanges of messages with federal judges, the Buenos Aires attorney general Juan Bautista Mahiques and directors of Grupo Clarín to agree a cover-up strategy for a trip to Bariloche.

Yesterday, a new leak of Telegram chats exposed alleged conversions between D’Alessandro and Robles, one of the advisers to the president of the Supreme Court, in which they discuss the co-participation ruling and the integration of the Judicial Council.

According to Solano, “we don’t want him to resign through a maneuver and from there guarantee impunity to other sectors of Together for Change, leaving the case forgotten.”

In addition, the leader stressed that they were “right when we demanded the revocation of the concessions of the crane companies. They lived on a spectacular deal at the expense of the residents of the City and they assured it through bribes. We also want that in this plan get to the bottom of it.”

It is that, among the supposed new conversations, there are exchanges of messages between the Buenos Aires official and the businessman Violante, who managed the towing and hauling service of the City.

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