At midnight the elected governor of Junín, Zósimo Cárdenas, installs the Regional Council

Governor of Junín sends letter to President Dina Boluarte for deaths in Pichanaqui

The governor of Junín, Zósimo Cárdenas Muje, supported yesterday the called for today against the government of President Dina Boluarte: “The people have the right to pronounce themselves,” he said. In addition, she announced that she sent a letter to the President asking that the rights of the citizens killed in the district of .

WATCH THIS: People who carry out acts of vandalism can be detained for up to 15 days

DETAILS. Cárdenas Muje participated yesterday in the beginning of the judicial year at the headquarters of the Superior Court of Justice of Junín. Upon leaving, he told details about the document sent to the president Dina Boluarte: “There have been three victims and in memory of them we must make their rights prevail, we cannot ignore it, I am asking the president of the republic with a document, to take the necessary actions against those responsible. It is in your hands to assert your rights, to make them prevail and to respect your relatives and relatives”, explained.

RELATIONSHIP. On the other hand, he ruled out that his position would harm his relationship with the central government and with it the budget for works in the region. He explained that To date, she has not received any formal invitation, only a general one from the president and she did not attend because she could not turn her back on the people: “I have not had any coordination, no meeting, no invitation, just a general invitation that they made at the beginning, but I could not attend for a fundamental reason: I cannot be disloyal to the people. At that time they were in rejection of all this and I will always maintain that position, “he concluded.

WATCH THIS: People who carry out acts of vandalism can be detained for up to 15 days

On the other hand, it was learned that in Huancayo the strike will not be general. Different unions and groups announced a mobilization for today at 4 in the afternoon from the Mariscal Castilla stadium, in El Tambo, to the center of the city. In the south of the country, the protests will be stronger.

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