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Governor of Ceará will be MEC’s ​​new executive secretary

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Chosen to take over the Ministry of Education from January 1st, Camilo Santana announced today (27th) that, in his management, the current governor of Ceará, Izolda Cela, will occupy the second most important position in the portfolio, the executive secretary.

“We will work together to make up for lost time, especially in basic education”, wrote Santana in his personal account on twitterpromising “a lot of dialogue with states and municipalities” and the “resumption of public investments” in education.

Psychologist graduated from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), Maria Izolda Cela de Arruda Coelho has a master’s degree in management and evaluation of public education and a specialist in public management. Her name was quoted to lead the ministry, but president-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva ended up opting for Camilo Santana, also from the PT.

Former Secretary of Education of Sobral (2004/2006), Izolda is identified as one of the people behind the good academic results achieved by students from municipal schools in assessments that measure the quality of national learning, such as the Basic Education Development Index (Ideb). This allowed her to take other flights, becoming State Secretary of Education (2007/2014) and Lieutenant Governor between 2015 and March 2022, when then Governor Camilo Santana (PT) left office to run for a seat in the Senate (to which he was elected) and Izolda Cela became the first woman to govern Ceará.

Izolda also used her personal microblog account to make public that she accepted Santana’s invitation.

“I inform you that I accepted, with great honor, the invitation of Minister Camilo Santana to be executive secretary of the Ministry of Education (MEC). We will work with diligence and commitment to improve education in Brazil”, wrote Izolda, who continues to fulfill her agenda as governor – yesterday (26), she sanctioned the creation of the State Program Schools of Culture, of training and professionalization in the fields of arts and of culture in Ceará, offering basic and medium level free and professional courses and promoting spaces for technical training.

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