Governor Mundaca announced that they will be part of lawsuits for performance in Valparaíso

The governor of the Valparaíso region, Rodrigo Mundaca, indicated that they will be part of lawsuits for performance in the act of Approve Transformar and summoned Mayor Jorge Sharp to assume his responsibility.

Mundaca described what happened in Victoria Square as an action to “sully patriotic values ​​such as the flag,” as he pointed out in an interview with bio bio.

“I have no hesitation in pointing out my most absolute condemnation of what happened. Responsibility must be assumed (…) the communal authorities cannot avoid that responsibility”, he stressed, alluding to Sharp.

In addition, he confirmed that they will be part of the complaints filed by the Presidential Delegation against those who are responsible, for “sullying national values ​​and for aggravating the presence of boys and girls who were present there,” he said.

Likewise, he was emphatic in pointing out that what happened “is not what has been fought for, it is not the country we want to build,” and that the authorities must “have sufficient capacity to be able to assume responsibility and not separate responsibilities in others,” he insisted.

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