Government will seek to process the labor reform in 2023

Government will seek to process the labor reform in 2023

In the middle of the meeting held on Tuesday by the president Gustavo Petro with the union council, The president invited unions and workers’ unions to agree on labor reform by 2023.

The decision we made yesterday is that we use this time between now and January for a process of agreement on labor matters, with the voice of the workers and the voice of business. Improving the work environment through a consultation processPetro said.

The president assured that the Labor Minister, Gloria Inés Ramírez, is already leading that discussion, and said that he hopes that both the businessmen and the labor unions do their part, “to achieve fundamental encounters”.

It is worth mentioning that among the plans that the portfolio has in this matter, there has been talk of reducing the daytime working hours until 6:00 pm, which would change the payments for overtime and night hours; There has also been talk of dismantling contracts for the provision of services, and improving the conditions of workers.


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