Reform to the Presidency: the positions that disappear or merge

Government will reduce to 5 ministries and save $10,600 million

The director of Administrative Department of the Presidency of the Republic (Dapre) from Colombia, Mauricio Lizcano, announced that the Presidency will reduce from 12 to 5 his councils, and some of them will be temporary pending the creation of the Ministry of equality.

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This plan, according to the Government, will mean the elimination of 80 positions within the Dapre and will save the State more than 10,600 million pesos.

This state reorganization will only leave the Women’s Counseling, in charge of the vice president, Francia Márquez, until the Ministry of Equality is created; the press office, the Youth Counseling, the Council for the Regions, and the Human Rights Council.

With respect to Ministry of Equality, Lizcano specified that the Ministry of the Interior and the vice president are working on its creation, which must be endorsed in Congress through the approval of a law that ratifies its birth.

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In addition, the Ministry of Childhood and Adolescence will be transformed, which will be renamed the Ministry of National Reconciliation, which will manage the ‘complete peace’ of the Government of Gustavo Petro and of “reconciliation among all ColombiansLizcano explained.

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The ministries of Stabilization and Consolidation, Digital Transformation, Communication, Attention to the Migrant Population or the National Security Department, among others, will disappear as organizations and their powers will be administered by the ministries that remain or by other State agencies.

Lizcano indicated that some requirements are missing for this new organization chart to materialize, which they hope can be launched “in two or three weeks, although it is already operating under these austerity rules“.

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