Government will establish a state of emergency in Ucayali next week to combat crime

Government will establish a state of emergency in Ucayali next week to combat crime

The Government will declare a state of emergency in Ucayali next week in order to combat the citizen insecurity that affects this region, at the closing of the VIII Decentralized Council of Ministers that was held in the city of Pucallpa.

This issue is scheduled for the next Council of Ministers and we will do it next week because life and security are important areas of work for this government.”, pointed out the president.

In that sense, peter castle He highlighted the experience of the self-defense committees, the peasant patrols, the serenazgo and the National Police. He said that the unified work at the different levels of government will allow successful results to be achieved.

At another time, the head of state urged and committed the Ministry of Energy and Mines expedite in the short term, the Curimaná natural gas separation plant, extracted from lot 31, to put it at the service of the Ucayali region and the country.

Along these lines, he asked the Minister of Energy and Mines, Carlos Palacioswhich convenes experts from the regional government and municipalities, but also professionals from civil society to carry out large projects.

Never in the history of Peru has the population had the opportunity to directly tell the president and ministers about their needs and demands. And this is a State policy that we are establishing in this Government. We are not afraid of the headlines because we are working and with the Peru agenda”, he asserted.


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