Government will allocate about 22 million pesos to efficient equipment for INAU centers

Government will allocate about 22 million pesos to efficient equipment for INAU centers

The Institute for Children and Adolescents of Uruguay (INAU) and the National Directorate of Energy (DNE), through the Energy Savings and Efficiency Trust, signed an agreement, this Monday 31, to promote energy efficiency in 154 management centers INAU’s own and up to 190 services by agreement. The objective is the purchase and shipment of category A equipment, with an investment of 22,410,000 pesos.

The activity was held at the INAU headquarters. The president, Pablo Abdala, and other authorities of the organization attended, as well as the director of Energy of the Ministry of Industry, Fitzgerald Cantero.

The agreement establishes that the DNE will allocate 22,410,000 pesos for the purchase, shipment and installation of efficient equipment, labeled with category A, within the framework of the National Labeling System promoted by the entity.

In his oratory, Cantero maintained that the aforementioned agency works on the dissemination and promotion of energy efficiency throughout the country, both in the productive sectors and in State agencies and institutions with social purposes. “It is important to create a culture based on this concept and promote it throughout the country,” he said.

Abdala, meanwhile, stressed that the investment made by the Ministry of Industry for the renovation of equipment directly benefits children and adolescents who reside or attend 154 INAU-managed centers, such as residences, 24-hour homes, care for early childhood (CAPI), and care for children and the family (CAIF).

In addition, 190 centers will be added that are managed by agreement, such as part-time, youth and children’s clubs, among others.

The hierarch explained that to implement the agreement a follow-up commission will be installed, in charge of defining the priorities in the 19 departments. “This will make it possible to improve the energy efficiency of the centers and include the components of sustainability and care for the environment in management,” he explained.

He also pointed out that the agreement combines energy efficiency and childhood and adolescence policies promoted by the Government. “We are facing a very healthy and positive expression of articulation and coordination of efforts in the public sphere,” he considered.


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