Government takes measures to supply Nariño with fuel

Government takes measures to supply Nariño with fuel

After the recent landslide that blocked a part of the Pan-American Highway, there is concern about the shortage of some products in Nariño and Cauca. Among them, fuels.

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Given this, the Ministry of Mines and Energy reported that this January 17 will arrive at the port of Barranquilla a ship to mobilize 30,000 barrels of liquid fuel and will set sail on January 18 for Tumaco, where it is expected to arrive on January 22 and continue on its course.

In addition, The entity reported that 37 vehicles that were mobilized on roads in Ecuador arrived in Neivawhere they will be loaded with 3,000 barrels of regular gasoline and diesel to begin the transfer to Pasto on January 18.

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On the other hand, the flow of barges from Buenaventura to Tumaco is being guaranteed with regular gasoline and diesel with an average capacity of 100,000 gallonsallowing to support the supply of one day of inventory in the region.

Together with the Colombian Navy, they have already identified the berthing point of the ship enabled to transport liquefied petroleum gas in two tankers with a capacity of 27 tons each. Each trip will be made in a transit of around 30 hours.

The Ministry also clarified that the movement of 16 vehicles through Ecuadorian territory has been guaranteed, making the bridge between San Miguel and Rumichaca. “This transport will allow us to have 14 tank trucks of Liquefied Petroleum Gas and 2 more that carry Compressed Natural Gas and that will allow us to cover the immediate demand of the city of Pasto”, said the director of Hydrocarbons, Isleany Angulo.

Finally, on the concern of the public for pPossible increases in fuel prices due to the emergency, The Ministry of Mines assures that work is being done so that the supply scheme has less impact on the user.

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The entity made it clear that for the sale of fuel at service stations in Nariño it is not necessary to issue a new resolution, since the current regulation allows distribution.


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