Four international NGOs, canceled for not submitting to the Foreign Agents Law

Government strips 100 more NGOs of their legal personality

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo continues with its raid against Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). This Wednesday, August 24, the Ministry of the Interior (Migob) in use of “its powers” canceled the legal personality of 100 more entities.

The ministerial agreement 01-2022-OSFL of the Migob, published in The Gazette No. 158, points out that the NGOs “have failed to comply with their obligations under the law; and that you have not reported for more than 5 to 27 years boards of directors, financial statements, according to fiscal periods, with detailed breakdowns of income and expenses, trial balance, details of donations, as well as identity information and origin of all its members and donors.

The resolution also indicates that “what refers to the liquidation of the goods and assets of the 100 aforementioned organizations, as appropriate, the provisions of Law 1115 will be applied.”

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This is the first time that the Migob cancels more organizations through a ministerial agreement, after the recent approval of the reform of Law 1115, General Law of Regulation and Control of Non-Profit Organizations.

Ortega’s dictatorship goes for more NGOs, “beheading” another 98. Photo: Article 66 / Noel Miranda

With the reform approved to the law referring to NGOs, the Ortega-Murillo regime granted Migob the absolute power to strip organizations of legal personality through ministerial agreements, without the need to go through the Executive.

These are the canceled organizations:

1. Foundation “Association for Community Promotion”, registered on 02/02/1995, under the perpetual number 439.

2. Nicaraguan Association of Christian Educators (ANEC), registered on 01/11/1995, under perpetual number 434.

3. Civil Association for the Promotion and Use of the Solar Oven in Nicaragua Tonatiuh Project, registered on 11/16/1994, under perpetual number 418.

4. Association Center for Unemployed Professional Women (CEMPRODES), registered on 10/26/1994, under perpetual number 410.

5. Verbo para la Salud Association (VERSA), registered on 07/21/1994, under the perpetual number 378.

6. Nicaraguan Association for Road Protection and Education (ANPREVIA), registered on 05/04/1994, under perpetual number 341.

7. Fundación Civil Manos Amigas, registered on 09/08/1993 under perpetual number 261.

8. Miskriwap Foundation (Center for Research and Development of Indigenous Cultures), registered on 01/22/1993, under perpetual number 187.

9. Community Association of La Merced (CLM), registered on 03/31/1995, under perpetual number 466.

10. Association for the Integration of the Uprooted Population of Nicaragua (AIDEP-NICARAGUA), registered on 07/04/1997, under perpetual number 764.

11. Josefa Toledo Family Comprehensive Orientation Center for Social Progress Association (JOSEFA TOLEDO CENTER), registered on 11/06/1997, under perpetual number 739.

12. Asociación Manos Solidarias para el Desarrollo, registered on 04/16/1997, under perpetual number 631.

13. Nicaraguan Foundation for Comprehensive Community Health and Development (FUNISDECI), registered on 12/05/1995, under perpetual number 557.

14. Association of Mothers of Heroes and Martyrs, Widows and Orphans Victims of War, “Camilo Ortega Saavedra”, registered on 04/08/1997, under perpetual number 613.

15. Fundación Avancemos Juntos por Nicaragua (AVANJUNIC), registered on 12/23/1999, under perpetual number 1512.

16. Fundación Solidaridad Juvenil, registered on 01/19/1999, under perpetual number 1264.

17. Nicaraguan Association, registered on 01/13/1999, under perpetual number 1254.

18. Asociación Club Activo Veinte-Treinta (2030) Ladies Managua, registered on 01/13/1999, under number 1253.

19. Association for Children, Women and the Environment (APRONIMUAM), registered on 12/09/1998, under perpetual number 1232.

20. Association to Support the Central American Coordination of Development Organizations, registered on 11/18/1998, under perpetual number 1217.

21. Association Legal Social Institute (IUS), registered on 06/08/1998, under perpetual number 1011.

22. Association for the Development and Comprehensive Promotion of the Indigenous Communities of Nicaragua, registered on 06/03/1998, under perpetual number 1004.

23. National Association of Acupuncturists of Nicaragua, registered on 05/19/1998, under perpetual number 998.

24. René Schick Association, registered on 01/21/1998, under perpetual number 925.

25. “Palo Quemado” Community Development Project Association (PALO QUEMADO PROJECT), registered on 10/02/1997, under perpetual number 832.

26. Association of Small and Medium Producers of Nicaragua (APEMPRONIC), registered on 02/11/1998, under perpetual number 942.

27. Nicaraguan Association of Visual Artists (ANAVI), registered on 02/12/1998, under perpetual number 943.

28. Fundación Nicaragua Towards the Future, registered on 11/17/1997, under the perpetual number 877.

29. Foundation for the Legal Defense of the Poor (FUNDELPO), registered on 11/17/1997, under perpetual number 878.

30. Fundación de Asociados en Nicaragua Pro Desarrollo de la Informatica Educativa (ANDIE FOUNDATION), registered on 11/28/1997, under perpetual number 893.

31. Municipal Research, Study and Development Center Association (CIEDEM), registered on 11/26/1997, under perpetual number 891.

32. Foundation for the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Children with Cleft Lips and Palates (FURRENIDO), registered on 11/24/1997, under perpetual number 888.

33. Foundation Center for the Promotion of Communication and Socioeconomic Development (COPRODE), registered on 11/21/1997, under perpetual number 886.

34. Association of Trade Union Women of Nicaragua, registered on 02/27/1998, under perpetual number 956.

35. Tepetlapan Urban and Rural Communities Comprehensive Development Association (ADICURT), registered on 02/25/1998, under perpetual number 955.

36. El Buen Samaritano Association, registered on 10/20/1997, under perpetual number 849.

37. Association of Starch Producers of the District of Las Flores, Department of Masaya (ASAFMA), registered on 06/15/1999, under perpetual number 1353.

38. San José Community Association (ACOSJ), registered on 04/29/1996, under perpetual number 597.

39. Masaya Integrally Blooms Association (MASIFLOR), registered on 04/06/1999, under perpetual number 1315.

40. Regional Association of Southern Seed Producers (APROSUR), registered on 04/05/1999, under perpetual number 1312.

41. Masatepe Poultry Farmers Association (ASAM), registered on 10/07/1999, under perpetual number 1455.

42. Neighborhood Board Association for the Development of the Northern Neighborhoods of the City of Masaya (JVD), registered on 04/08/1999, under perpetual number 1322.

43. Cacique Tenderi Association of Agroecological Promoters (APROMACT), registered on 12/02/1999, under perpetual number 1484.

44. Integral and Natural Association for Environmental Conservation (ASOINCA), registered on 02/21/2000, under perpetual number 1561.

45. Folkloric Association of Traditional Artists of Masaya (ASFATMA), registered on 06/08/1998, under perpetual number 1010.

46. ​​National Equestrian Center Association (ASOECUNA), registered on 12/06/1998, under perpetual number 1021.

47. Community Association for the Development of Potable Water Projects of La Poma, registered on 04/17/1998, under perpetual number 980.

48. Nicaraguan Foundation for Community and Ecotourism Development Xalveta (Xalveta Foundation), registered on 04/05/1999, under perpetual number 1311.

49. Granada Association of Friends of Nature (EL TULE ASSOCIATION), registered on 02/22/2000, under perpetual number 1562.

50. Gnostic Association of Anthropological, Cultural and Scientific Studies (AGEAC), registered on 03/31/1998, under the perpetual number 972.

51. Fundación Comunidad Cristiana Román Esteban, registered on 03/02/2000, under perpetual number 1567.

52. Nicaraguan Pacific Coffee Growers Association (ACAPAN), registered on 11/09/1994, under perpetual number 416.

53. Equestrian Association of Carazo (ASOECA), registered on 07/08/1998, under perpetual number 1050.

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