Gobierno detiene alza trimestral de tarifa eléctrica, revisará acuerdo

Government stops quarterly increase in electricity rate, will review agreement

Santo Domingo.- Given the constant complaints of the population about the recent increase in the electricity rate, the president Louis Abinader announced on Tuesday a review of the agreement that proposes a quarterly increase in said consumption.

“Given the current situation, we are going to stop the increases, and this week we sent a letter to the CES so that this pact, signed by all the political parties that now refuse, be readapted to the circumstances of an international crisis that we have today” , pointed out the president.

He explained that, due to the high cost of fuel, it is no longer possible to go back with the increase applied, but that from now on there will be no more increases as long as the situation is analyzed and the international economic crisis changes for the better.

“What we are going to do now is that we are going to review the pact that proposed an increase every three months so that these increases do not continue until the international economic situation changes and if fuels go down, then electricity must also go down and there would be a opportunity”, responded Abinader when approached by the press.

He added that, despite the economic crisis that is plaguing the world, the Dominican Republic “is the country where fuels are cheaper now”, the same with the electricity rate, which he specified, when compared with international levels, “in We have controlled this country as well.”

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Likewise, he recalled that the government is subsidizing the electricity sector by more than a billion dollars and fuels with 30 billion dollars.

In this sense, the Head of State indicated that the Government is maintaining a balance between the subsidies and the priority works that the country requires, at a time when there is no fiscal reform and no tax increase.


In the last three months alone, the Consumer Protection Office has received 9,207 customer complaints for overvaluation of electricity rates, at a time when prolonged blackouts are resurfacing, which does not correspond to what was agreed in the Electric Pact , nor with the resolution of the Superintendency of Electricity (SIE).

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