Gobierno inicia acueducto provincia Ocoa

Government starts Ocoa province aqueduct

Santo Domingo.– After 50 years of waiting, the executive director of the National Institute of Potable Water and Sewage (INAPA), Wellington Arnaud, began construction work on the San José de Ocoa-Sabana Larga Multiple Aqueduct, at a cost higher than the RD $804,404,026.15.

“We continue to take firm steps to fulfill the promise of President Luis Abinader to bring drinking water to all Dominicans. On this occasion, we started the final drinking water solution in the province of San José de Ocoa”, explained the executive director of INAPA.

He referred that the project had been budgeted by the previous authorities at a cost of around RD$2,500,000,000; however, with an investment of RD$804,404,026.15, “this Government is going to carry out this important work, whose source will be the Nizao River.”

“With a third of what was planned, the construction of this aqueduct begins today, that is why we say that we are doing a lot with little,” he said.

He explained that the work will improve the quality of life of more than 65,000 inhabitants.

On his side, the community leader Wilquin González expressed his satisfaction, after indicating that it is no secret to anyone that the issue of drinking water was a headache for the Ocoeños.

The governor of the province, Josefa Oliva Castillo, the mayors Aneudy Ortiz, from San José de Ocoa; Milton Brea, from Sabana Larga and José Morfa, from Nizao, the deputy Yari Encarnación, among other authorities. Also the businessman José González.

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